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Comparing the Look and Value of Glass Versus Crystal

Many decorative household items are made from either glass or crystal. The clear and glossy appearance of these materials makes them a popular choice for decorative figurines and other home decor items. They enhance the beauty of the place by adding more light and colors. While they may look the same from afar, there are many differences between the two and there are many ways to check for these differences as well. While others may think that glass is just a cheaper substitute for crystal, both have qualities that showcase their special qualities and characteristics that the other one does not have. If you have an item or will purchase an item and want to know whether it is glass or crystal, here are some ways on how you can distinguish one from the other.

You can actually hear the difference between glass and crystal. Because of the additives that glass contains, tapping glass does not produce any ringing sound, unlike crystal.

You can see the difference between the two by holding them up against the light. Crystal reflects light and presents it as a prism whereas glass tends to bend and disperse the light that goes through it. Crystal chandeliers for example, reflect a color spectrum that glass cannot. Another visual difference between the two is its thickness. Crystals tend to be thinner because glass has more additives when being molded, thus making it more resistant to blowing it to a thinner width. The surface or rims of crystal made materials are finer and smoother. Again, due to the chemical additives and the way manufacturers shape them, glass is not as fine or smooth compared to its more precious counterpart.

Try to carry the item as while both may look alike, their weights differ. Crystal tends to be heavier as it contains a considerable amount of lead that contributes to the weight. Some glass items as well are hollow inside, while crystal items tend to be pure crystal all the way through.

The difference between glass and crystal sometimes varies according to the standards set by some countries. While the composition is generally the same, there are differences when it comes to lead content before one is considered glass or crystal. Sometimes the terms are even used interchangeably in home and retail environments.

Whether made from glass or crystal, people generally appreciate the beauty of such items. Glass chandeliers look great, but crystal chandeliers enhance the beauty of a room. While there are truly notable price differences between the two, there are other visual similarities and the differences will come only upon close observation. People's fascination with anything clear and sparkling never seems to fade. Whether for personal use, to be given as gifts, or for industrial uses, crystal and glass will always be a favored material when it comes to home and commercial decorating. The durability of glass and crystal is also notable while as items made of these will easily break when dropped, an object made of these will not be affected by water, wind, or rust.


Make Your Home Beautiful with Rustic Western Lamps

Rustic western lamps can add a warm touch to any room. They make wonderful accessories for people who want to create a traditional, relaxing atmosphere in their home. Western home decor has always been a popular choice among homeowners who want to design a unique and beautiful space. Rustic lamps are great for achieving that vision without spending a lot of money. Home lighting doesn't have to be just functional. You can also use lamps to create your dream home decor, and set the tone of any room.

There are many different styles of rustic lamps you can choose from in a wide range of prices. The best approach is to use a few different types of rustic lamps throughout your home. Because western lamps are so unique, they can be used as decorative pieces. Each lamp should serve as a focal point of the room in addition to providing lighting. The first thing you should consider when shopping for lamps is the size you need for your home. If you are interested in getting just one big lamp, consider buying a beautiful chandelier that will automatically catch the attention of anyone who walks into the room. If you prefer smaller lamps, then you can choose a few lamps that can be placed in different spots throughout the room.

Rustic western lamps are appealing to homeowners throughout the country because they add a touch of warmth and tradition to any home decor. Regardless of the climate you live in, unique western lamps can transform your home into a relaxing abode that reflects your unique style. They are usually created from wood and painted in warm golden tones. You can also find lamps that incorporate elements of nature and wildlife such as lamps designed based on antlers or tree trunks.

Depending on your personal preference and taste, you can choose lamps that are simple or ones that feature a complicated design. Simple western lamps can be used throughout your home to tie in the rest of your home decor. More elaborate lamps, such as chandeliers or antler lamps, should be used as focal points in rooms that get a lot of traffic. Due to the exceptional craftsmanship of these lamps, they can be displayed as art in places where you and your guests can admire them.

The uniqueness and classic beauty of rustic lamps makes them truly special accessories for any home. Often featuring nature and wildlife scenes, they are perfect for people who want to create a traditional, warm atmosphere in their home where they can relax and feel at peace. In addition to providing ample lighting, western lamps can also be displayed as art. They are not only functional, but beautiful. If you dream of creating a classic and elegant interior design, then western lamps can be a great addition to your home.


Choosing The Perfect Solar Lamp Post Lights For Your Outside Space

Solar lamp post lights have become a very popular addition to gardens all over the world. Choosing the right style of lighting for outdoor areas can be a challenge and selecting the perfect ones can take some time. However, once the correct lighting is chosen the outside area will look and feel great ensuring that every aspect of the garden is well it. Lamp posts can make any outside area look great and will guarantee the correct level of lighting.

Reducing energy costs is very important and people are looking at more effective ways to cut bills every month. Solar light posts are a great way to cut the cost of the energy bill, and provide an attractive lighting solution. The small solar cells on the top of the lamp posts will gather the sunlight and transfer it into energy. As the sun goes down the stored energy will begin to be used and light up the area.

Although the overall cost of the solar lamp post lights, may be greater than average lights for the garden. They will require no further expense and are very easy to install in the outside are of the home. The lamp posts will look great in several different areas of the outside space including driveways, paths and pool areas. Although solar lighting is often considered to be more ambient then bright, it is perfect for areas of the garden.

There are several different styles of the solar light posts to choose from, and which one is chosen will depend on where it is to be placed. Lamp post lights are great and can be found in both one and two headed lights. Both look excellent and can help to enhance the outside space in every home; however, the two headed lamps are better when more light is needed. Each head of the lamp is powered by a different solar cell ensuring that more light is produced.

Although the outside lighting needs to look great it also needs to have a function, and often safety is an issue when looking at solar light posts. There will be areas of the garden that need to be well lit, including the pool and barbeque areas. Walkways can be made safer with soft solar lighting, which are great but not too bright that they disturb neighbors. No matter where the lamp posts are placed they should illuminate the area to a satisfactory level.

The lamp posts will need to be in a position where they will charge easily throughout the day. Although direct sunlight is not always needed, in the winter months they may struggle to charge. If the solar light posts are charged every day they will effectively keep the garden well lit all through the night. Not only does this style of garden lighting look incredible they are also very cost effective and great for the environment.

Spending time in the garden has become a huge social vent for many people, and having the correct lighting is important. There is nothing worse than sitting in the dark in the garden due to a lack of lights, or worrying about the cost to run them. With the right solar lamp post lights the garden and outside space can be enjoyed every night.


Floor Lamps - A Beautiful Lighting Alternative

Choosing the proper lighting is perhaps one of the most important facets of decorating your home and creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. The technology associated with home lighting today has made it easier than ever before to accomplish grand things in your home with just the flick of the switch. With the right light, you can make an average room look spectacular, disguise flaws and emphasize assets. Lighting can enhance color schemes and make odd rooms seem intimate and cozy.

When decorating a room it takes several different types of lighting to truly complete the look. In the ideal room, general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting work in harmony to create an overall effect that is comfortable and engaging. For these reasons, serious thought needs to be given to the home lighting design process, especially when it comes to floor lamps and task lighting. While floor lamps can be decorative and add an element of style to the room, they also need to be practical and able to handle the majority of your lighting issues. Here are just a couple of the different types of floor lamps available and how to they are used around the home.

Floor lamps fall into a category of lighting called task lighting. Task lighting delivers essential illumination for specific tasks like reading or cooking. This type of lighting is localized, shadow free, and easy on the eyes.

One type of floor lamps is called the Torchere. This particular floor lamp is perhaps the most popular of all floor lamps. Identified by a sleek sculptural base and flared torch-like shade, the torchere is perfect for small rooms and dark corners. The soft ambient glow of this table lamp bounces off the ceiling and offers lighting for a variety of tasks.

The Pharmacy floor lamp was developed by pharmacists in the 1920s, hence the name. The pharmacy lamp is ideal for reading and conversation areas and can be adjusted to different heights to accommodate varying needs. The shade is also movable and can be used to direct the beam of light. Pharmacy lamps can also be equipped with adjustable arms for more flexibility in lighting.

When decorating with floor lamps, you should make sure that they are aligned with your shoulders while you are seated if they are being used for direct task lighting. Taller lamps should set at least 15 inches to the side and 20 inches behind the center of the area used for tasks to create an ambience that is easy on your eyes and perfectly centered for doing tasks.

As you can see, choosing the right lighting for your home takes more thought and consideration that you may have previously thought. But if you take a little time now to select the right lighting for your space, you will create a room that is truly complete and a joy for all who use it for years to come.


The Beauty Of Outdoor Patio Ceiling Fans

Outdoor patio ceiling fans are perhaps one of the most overlooked kinds of patio furniture today. This is probably because many home owners no longer see the need to put ceiling fans in the outdoors. But the truth is: having these kinds of patio appliances around can give homeowners so much more added benefits. Many experts say that ceiling fans should be given the same importance and attention as the lighting and the decors of this part of the house. They also contribute a whole lot to the over-all look and feel of the patio and hence, should be given enough attention.

One of the best things about having an outdoor fan installed in your patio is the added comfort that it can give you and your visitors. It is great to have one of these around during hot summer nights. And for those who are conscious about the design, there are plenty of styles that you can choose from in the market that will surely fit any kind of patio designs.

One very important thing to keep in mind though, both your patio furniture and your outdoor ceiling fans should complement each other well. Design experts highly recommend the use of wood for your patio furniture since they are fairly durable but are lightweight enough to be easily moved around.

Most of the patio ceiling fan designs today already have built in lighting in them so make sure that it jives easily with your choice of patio furniture as well. For those who have wooden furniture in their patios, a diffused kind of lighting would suit your look perfectly. Stay away from outdoor patio ceiling fans with pendant bulbs which usually concentrate light only in a single area of the room.

So for those of you who are ready to head out to shop for outdoor ceiling fans, the very first thing that you need to remember when you shop is to never mistake an indoor ceiling fan for an outdoor piece. That would be a disaster. Indoor ceiling fans are not built to stand rough outdoor weather which means they may not last as long as you would like. Aside from that, it is outright dangerous to use one of the other.

It is also very important to consider the kind of patio covering that you have in your house. Is your patio roofed or is it out in the open? If the area is wide open and can easily get wet by rain, then always look for wet ceiling fans. However, if you have a covered patio, then you can afford to get a damp ceiling fan for your area instead.

And last but definitely not least: consider the area that you want your outdoor ceiling fans to cover. If the area is large, then you might consider getting the largest outdoor fan that you can find. Aside from the size, you might also want to get a more powerful motor to sufficiently over the area. If your patio is small, then look for smaller pieces to use as well.


Outdoor Wall Lanterns - Using Low-Voltage Lighting

When people are buying their house, one of the first things they notice is the curb appeal of the house. Curb appeal is defined as the way a house looks as soon as they get out of the car. The same thing holds true for visitors to your backyard. The way you have designed the landscape of your backyard will make the difference between a good first impression and a lousy one. Outdoor wall lanterns can turn your drab backyard into a wonderland of style. They can do it by also being very Earth friendly.

When designing your landscape for your backyard, most people will focus on the look and style of the lanterns themselves as well as the geography of the backyard itself. One other aspect that many people will then decide on is whether they will go with wired lighting or with solar powered lighting.

When deciding on wired lighting for your Outdoor Wall Lanterns, the choices are between low-voltage lighting and their regular-voltage cousins. Everyone knows what the regular wired lighting is so we will not need to explain how it works. Low-voltage lighting, however, is clearly the choice for those who want to minimize their carbon footprint while minimizing the hit to their wallet when the monthly electric bill comes. A low-voltage system uses a small transformer which converts the 120volts from your house to 12volts so they can be easily used by the lighting fixtures.

The components of low-voltage lighting consist of the transformer (or power pack), the low-voltage lamp (or light fixture) and the low-voltage cable which runs between the transformer and the lamp.

Low-voltage lighting is extremely flexible and very easy to use. As plants grow and the geography of your landscape changes, the lights can be easily moved. What is more is that low-voltage lighting does not require extensive electrical knowledge to install ( no master electrician needed - just following the installation guides will be sufficient). In fact, low-voltage lighting is so easy to install that most low-voltage Outdoor Wall Lantern installations can be finished in under two hours while using only a screwdriver.

One additional benefit is that low-voltage lighting is also safe around children and pets. This is due to the shockless aspect of its design.

When you take into consideration the ease of installation, low-cost and safety issues, low-voltage lighting is a very attractive option for you to consider when choosing to use wired lighting in your landscapes.


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